5 Dental Implant Facts That You Should Know

dental implant facts
5 Dental Implant Facts That You Should Know 2

In the past, severe injuries and tooth decay often resulted in tooth extractions to save other teeth and contain damage. While traditional dentures have become a regular fixture of restorative dentistry, they are far from being as good as natural teeth and carry their own health risks.

Now, you don’t need to wonder what life would be like with a complete set of healthy teeth. Dental implants are redefining restorative dentistry and providing leading options for improving oral health. With dental implants, you can eat and talk just as before and smile more brightly.

 5 Dental Implant Facts

Feeling confident about your smile can be difficult if you lose a tooth. Dental implant surgery is one way of restoring self-esteem after losing teeth because implants look and feel like natural teeth. What should I know about dental implants?

The truth about dental implants is that they are a reliable and excellent option to restore or rebuild your smile. The implant is a titanium screw placed into your jaw’s bone. It helps hold a replacement tooth securely in place, and it can last for decades if properly taken care of.

At Hacienda Dentistry, our dental implant dentist focuses on restoring teeth. Here are five important facts about dental implants that will help anyone considering this procedure make an informed decision.

Implants can be stronger than natural teeth.

Dental implants are the only tooth replacement option that matches natural teeth in strength and durability. It can offer a level of chewing ability and comfort similar to what patients experience with their teeth.

Once a dental implant is placed, the bone at the site fuses around it. This creates such a strong bond that it mimics natural tooth roots and is nearly impossible to remove without risking further damage to surrounding tissues or teeth.

Dental implants help prevent bone loss.

When you lose a tooth, the jawbone supporting it atrophies or diminishes. When this happens, your face and mouth can appear different than they once did.

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that provide a strong foundation for your teeth, preserving the health of your jawbone and preventing similar problems from occurring in the future.

Dental implant surgery is a safe procedure.

Although dental implant surgery involves implanting a prosthesis into the bone of the jaw, it is performed by thousands of dentists and can be handled routinely. Dental implant surgery has a success rate of over 98%, and most people in reasonably good health with enough jawbone to support an implant are candidates for the procedure.

Dental implants do not grow back, so if you are in good health and have enough jawbone density to support the procedure, you are a suitable candidate. At Haceinda Dentistry, our dentists have performed hundreds of Dental implant surgeries and are well-versed in routine procedures.

Dental implants are easy to care for.

Though natural teeth are susceptible to cavities and decay, dental or tooth implants aren’t because they’re made of materials that aren’t affected like your real ones. After a dental implant has fully healed, brushing and flossing are all that are needed to care for it.

Dental implants offer health benefits.

Dental implants can do more than just improve a person’s appearance. Dental implant treatment can help preserve and maintain good oral health and give you that youthful glow!

When are dental implants the best option for replacing missing teeth?

A missing or damaged tooth can cause several problems. A person with a missing tooth may suffer from low self-esteem and depression, while one whose teeth are in poor condition often experiences pain and discomfort. A dental gap in the mouth makes chewing and biting challenging. The space leaves neighboring teeth vulnerable to loosening; thus, shifting into it over time changes a person’s bite and overall dental alignment.

If a tooth is severely damaged, infection can spread to the gums. The infection will produce cysts around the tooth—leading to foul breath and other symptoms that make speaking or smiling difficult. Dental implants can replace missing teeth and improve your oral health. Tooth loss is a common problem affecting many people of all ages—young and old. A single dental implant can help you regain your lost tooth and restore the beauty and joy in your smile.

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