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"Approximately half of all restorations placed in general dental practice are done to replace a defective or failed restoration."
- National Library of Medicine

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Why choose Hacienda Dentistry for your Implants?

You'll get the latest advancements in dental implant treatment

We go well above and beyond the minimum requirements to provide dental implants.

Unlike other practices, we have invested heavily into:

  • Advanced implant procedures from world-class training,
  • The latest technology and robotics for accurate diagnosis and implant placement,
  • Elegant, designer-aesthetic crowns from the best technicians,
  • Long-lasting and stress-resistant materials to help prevent early failure.

That mean you’ll always be receiving the most updated treatment methods from doctors who are using the highest-quality implant materials.

Remove the headaches from your implant treatment

No more confusing pricing and “hidden” services. One easy to understand package of everything you need for successful implants.

We make sure you understand every step and provide our recommendations so that you can make the most informed decision.

We’ll guide you every step of the way, from choosing the right materials for you, all the way to getting the most of your insurance for you.

No Horror-stories of treatment while not being numb

No more inadequate sedation! You don’t need to worry about feeling anything while you are under our anesthesia.

Our doctors make sure you are fully numb before starting any treatment:

  • Absolute minimal pain,
  • Option to get more numbing.

The best part is that you’ll be fully conscious so you won’t have any embarrassing moments! And the effects wear off quickly.

No judgements, Only a caring team on your side

You won’t get any judgements about your oral health habits here.

Furthermore, you’ll get easy to follow instructions so you can recover quickly and safely.

We’ll never upsell you on products or services we don’t believe you need.

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What's Included in Our Implant package?

Implants can be complicated. Instead of selling you several different things, we decided to bundle the most important items into one simple package.

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Implant Fixture

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Initial Exam

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Recovery Package

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Surprisingly Affordable!

Our Hacienda Heights practice accepts insurance plans and interest-free financing!

Even if we are not part of your insurance network, we will work on your behalf to make sure that you get all the insurance benefits that you can get.

We also make dental financing easy with CareCredit so that you can get the health and wellness treatments you need today, for you and your family.

Plus, we never upsell products or services we don’t believe you need!

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Our Unbeatable Warranty

We confidently stand behind our work!

If your implant fails due to structural issues within a year, we will replace them at no cost to you!

*Substance abuse, pre-existing conditions, current health issues, or other issues may disqualify you from this warranty. Discounted replacements available for two years.

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Our patient reviews!


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40+ patient ratings


100% 5 Stars


100% 5 Stars

Dentistry You Can Trust

Sunmi Park
Sunmi Park
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"I had an implant done with Dr. Jeon and... I will definitely recommend this dental office!"

I had an implant done with Dr. Jeon and overall it was a great experience.

He was very kind, gentle, and thorough.

The assistants Felicia and Vanessa were very kind as well, I definitely recommend this dental office!
Suzanna Olton
Suzanna Olton
Read More
"You won’t be disappointed. You will be happy to have found a great dental office."

My family and I have been seeing Dr. Cross for over 40 years now. Now that he is retiring and Dr. “J” is taking over, we are pleased as well. First off, the entire staff are so pleasant, caring, and professional. Dr. “J” is so kind, pleasant, friendly and a very gentle person. With the transition taking place, I feel like I’m in great hands/care with Dr. “J”. My family and I look forward to continuing our relationship here.

You won’t be disappointed. You will be happy to have found a great dental office.
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"He was extremely compassionate in patient-centered care and also possesses unparalleled clinical acumen..."

I was out of town and this review is done at the request of my grandma who felt compelled to voice the outstanding experience she had with Dr. Jeon. Dr. Jeon is fluent in Korean and was able to communicate with my grandma who has significant hearing loss. She said Dr. Jeon never screamed at her and really took great care of her. He was extremely compassionate in patient-centered care and also possesses unparalleled clinical acumen reflective of where he did his training (I had to look up his credentials to make sure my grandma received the best care in town). Overall, 5/5 would recommend to everyone. It appears I also found myself a new dentist!
Darcy Sprauge
Darcy Sprauge
Read More
"Monica is the most gentle, thorough hygienist! I met Dr. J for the first time & he’s very professional."

I had my hygiene appointment today.

Monica is the most gentle, thorough hygienist! I met Dr. J for the first time & he’s very professional. Vanessa is very kind and helpful at the front too. She tried to adjust my kids & my appointments so they would all be within the same timeframe.

Thank you, Vanessa! I can tell that Dr. Cross left his practice in good hands!
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"He's Very Thorough, Explains Everything In Detail and Is Very Friendly and Caring Of His Patients."

Dr. J Is an Awesome Dentist. He's Very Thorough, Explains Everything In Detail and Is Very Friendly and Caring Of His Patients.

The Staff Is Great, Helpful and They Go Out of their way to make your Dental Visit a Great Experience.

Great Office!
Tianyi W.
Tianyi W.
Read More
"after contact with these beautiful people, my fear was dispelled."

My fear of dentist caused me not to check my teeth routinely and on time, so one day my teeth suddenly resisted. On the recommendation of my friend, I came here to treat my tooth problems. I have a big gap in my teeth and the treatment needs to pull out wisdom teeth, my fear doubled in an instant, but after contact with these beautiful people, my fear was dispelled.

They were gentle and professional. Everything made me relax. Scott and Jonathan treated the patients very carefully and everything was very Perfect. I think I will always take care of my teeth in this clinic. I'm relieved.

Meet Your Dental Implant Experts

Our doctors bring you the latest advances in dental implant treatment.

Dr. Jeon

Dr. Jea Young Jeon

Doctor of Dental Surgery:

Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC

Dr. Jeon believes that compassion and a gentle touch goes a long way in providing a positive dental experience for his patients.

He started Hacienda Dentistry because he wanted to provide patients high-quality treatments he believes in using products he trusts.

Dr. Song

Dr. Jonathan Song

Doctor of Dental Surgery:

University of Minnesota School of Dentistry

Dr. Song believes the most important aspect of dentistry is the positive relationship between a care provider team and their patients.

He completed world-class advanced dental trainings and graduated “best resident” in the rigorous General Practice Residency program. He continues to improve his treatment skills with over 150 hours of training each year.

Frequently Asked Questions

While we are offering free consultations at the moment, this offer will not be available for long.

Rising costs may affect our ability to provide consultations for free.

Or, we may run out of free consultation spots and may have to start charging for consultations.

Whichever comes first.

If your implant fails within 1 year, we’ll replace it at no cost to you. Or, we’ll offer you a full refund on what you’ve paid.

If your implant fails within 2 years, we’ll cover a large portion of the repair costs.

During the consultation, you can see if you quality for this warranty.

Substance abuse, pre-existing conditions, current health issues, or other issues may disqualify you from this warranty.

Implants require special training.

After graduating from dental school, most dentists will take a weekend course on implants and begin providing them to you.

Our doctors have not only graduated from the top dental schools in the world, they have also gone much further than the minimum requirements by training at the world-class Kois Center and other rigorous programs.

They also spend more than 150 hours each year developing their skills into specific areas of focus. This is opposed to other doctors who spend the minimum 50 hours on general information.

Absolutely none! We guarantee that you won’t pay anything for the consultation.

If there are any options we recommend you purchase, that is separate from the consultation, we will make abundantly clear that you will be spending money.

You will come into our office where you will meet with our doctors for the initial consultation.

During the consultation, you’ll understand your current condition and our doctors’ recommended treatment procedure.

You’ll receive a quote and you can make the decision whether you want to work with our doctors or not. No obligations!

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